events with added value.

Thinking, planning, presenting, making decisions, & discussing. Productive, constructive, active, qualitative, excessive, effective...

The best setting for all of this is in the beautiful ambiance of the magdas HOTEL. The hotel has different seminar and meeting rooms, a separable area in the magdas SALON, a lobby, a large bar area, breakfast room, terrace, and garden. This makes it possible to provide the perfect offer for every event and every number of participants.

magdas seminar rooms

Meetingroom S, window to the garden, dark curtains, tables are prepped with paper, pens and water bottles to start a meeting.

ROOM S (20m²)
for up to 2 people


On the ground floor, window overlooking the garden,

can be darkened, meeting table, chairs, storage


The name of the rooms is Blue Salon, floor and walls are in blue tones. The tables are ready to start a meeting. Outside is the green garden area.

for up to 12 people


On the ground floor, can be darkened with curtains,

direct access to and from the garden,

meeting tables, chairs, storage, beamer, screen  




up to 14 people


Sous terrain.

Can be darkened with curtains,

meeting table, beamer, screen.

Meetingroom, tables are in the middle of the room ready to start a meeting. The room is very bright, in front of the windows is the private terrace for this meetingroom.

ROOM  M (36m²)
for up to 8 people


On the ground floor, separated from the lounge by a glass partition,

can be darkened with curtains, has its own terrace,

meeting table, chairs, storage 


Special occasions deserve to be celebrated

Do you know what would be nice? Having a birthday party. Marrying the love of your life. Welcoming a child into the world. Finding the house of your dreams. Or maybe even a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. There are plenty of reasons to be happy, and each one deserves a celebration. 

Not only will you find a beautiful setting, but you will also find plenty of people ready to make your event perfect. The more you share your happiness, the more it grows. 

magdas colorful locations

a bright room with a lot of chairs and tables, used as a dining hall

for 70 to max. 90 people


bookable for min. 25 pax
Suited for presentations, on the ground floor, access to the terrace and garden, bookable from 1:00 pm


nice green garden, wooden structure to sit on, colorful tables and chairs

for 70 to max. 90 people


If the weather is fine you can also celebrate in our garden. Blades of grass between your toes and the wind in your hair. 


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magdas - where are you?

Drawn map of Vienna in green and blue color. The magdas Hotel and all the important sights are marked.

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